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If you’re a mom in business, much of the business-building advice doesn’t apply to you.

If you try to build your real estate business the way everyone else is doing it, the way all the gurus (who are not moms) tell you to – woah! Chances are you’ll be struggling, pulling your hair out, and wondering what you’re doing wrong because everyone else seems to be racing ahead of you. It can get frustrating.

As moms, especially with young kids, our time is not ours, our time is fractured, and chances are we’re sleep deprived.

Our group doesn’t let these things stop us. We know we just need different strategies and tactics, and where better to get those than from other moms on the real estate investing journey as well! 

The key to success is to simply and get support.

REMM is here to support you.

– Zorya Belanger & Carole-Anne Martin, Founders of REMM

Our Community

This group is for mothers interested or involved in real estate investing in Canada.

REMM was created:

  • To unite moms investing in real estate
  • To be a catalyst for growth in our members’ real estate businesses by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorming ideas, and supporting each other
  • To create a safe space for moms to connect, collaborate, celebrate, and challenge each other with total honesty, respect, and compassion
  • To create a valuable support network

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