Partner with us

Here's how

Parts needed

for every joint venture:

1. The Deal or Property which must be found, negotiated, and closed.

2. The Management and time needed to execute the purchase, the renovations (if necessary), and rent it out.

3. The Mastery or expertise/education needed to execute successfully.

4. The Money or capital to fund the purchase  and improvements.

5. The Mortgage qualification or credit needed to get financing.


Who qualifies

to be a capital partner:

  1. Accredited Investors (learn more)
  2. Friends and family of the principle
  3. Close business associates of the principle


Simple step-by-step process

  1. Meeting to discuss current opportunities, how you would like to be involved, and your desired outcomes.
  2. BREI finds the rental property according to the criteria that all parties agreed on.
  3. Joint venture agreement or unanimous shareholders agreement is signed.
  4. BREI acquires the rental property and manages it for the duration of ownership.
  5. Partners share in profits and receive regular communication and reports on the property’s performance.
  6. Celebrate!


Property Locations

We currently own property or are actively searching for new investment opportunities in the following areas:

Single family homes & half-duplexes


JV Opportunities Available

Houses with Garage Suites


JV Opportunities Available

Small Multi-Family Buildings (6-20 units)


JV Opportunities Available