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Creating a vision board is a fun goal-setting technique that I used for 2019 that has worked better than anything I’ve ever used before! I’m excited to do it again this year.

At the beginning of 2019, I got together with my real estate mom friends and we cut out pictures from magazines and printed pictures off the Internet to create vision boards of the things we want to accomplish this year. We essentially made collages representing the year we wanted, from family to business to personal goals. Rather than just writing something down, which can be lost or forgotten about, this board was very visual and I could hang it up in my office and see it every day. I think this is the key to remembering what your goals, staying focused on them, and reaching them!

Now I know it was effective because almost everything on the board happened this year! 

  • I wanted to spend time giving back to the community. I did that by making a big effort to be part of the Women’s Build with Habitat for Humanity earlier this year. 
  • I didn’t purchase a $2M multi-family building but we are buying a $1.3M building with partners, which is pretty close.
  • I wanted to focus a lot on our family this year and go on trips, which we did. We went skiing for first time in 2 (3?) years.
  • I wanted to be in the right mindset, not make excuses, and always give 110%.
  • Marie Forleo and Janet LePage are very inspiring to me so I put them on my board. I did Marie Forleo’s B-school business course and read her book “Everything is Figureoutable” in my book club (highly recommended). I saw Janet LePage speak in Vancouver in November, which was one of the highlights of the trip.
  • I invested in quite a bit of business and personal coaching this year (Edna Keep, Heather Evans, Dawn Taylor), which helped with making progress.
  • I wanted to focus on eating healthy, fitness, and finally… we wanted to get pregnant with baby #2 and THAT HAS HAPPENED AS WELL!  We will be keeping the gender a surprise until baby is born so we will have to wait until May to find out if this one comes completely true too! Side note: Having a boy first was on a previous vision board of mine…

So there you have it. I would highly recommend it and plan to do it again for 2020!

Give it a try 🙂