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Who is multifamily suited for?

If you have been buying residential properties are finding it challenging to grow or get financing, multifamily and commercial financing may be for you. Some people have bought a multifamily building (5+) units as there first rental property. While this can be more challenging, it is possible too!

Who is this strategy not suited for?

It’s not suited for you if you don’t have time. Being the working partner in a multifamily purchase is not a passive strategy. It will take time to get going, just like any business. However, we can definitely help you fast-track the process.
Then over time you can delegate and build systems so that you can take your time back. 

Why invest in multi-family buildings?

Commercial multi-family real estate is now our focus due to favorable financing options (such as no personal guarantee required from partners), economies of scale, and multiple profit centers: cash flow, mortgage pay-down (paid for by tenants), forced appreciation, market appreciation, and tax-saving benefits.

Is this what you do full-time?

Patrick and Zorya are both Professional Materials Engineers (P.Eng.). Patrick works full-time as an engineer, and Zorya is currently a non-practicing engineer, working full-time as an asset manager for BREI Properties.

Are you property managers?

No. We have property managers on our team who help us take care of our residents. We manage the property managers.

Are you realtors?


Still have questions?

Good!  You should. We’d be happy to talk to you.
Every investor has unique goals and expectations. Through a conversation, we like to find out what those are for you, and see how we can best help you reach your dreams.

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