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We help engineers, lawyers, accountants, doctors, business owners, and other professionals earn passive income and wealth through real estate, and gain control over when they can retire!

Busy professionals like you are passively investing in real estate. It creates flexibility, security, and diversity in your financial plan.

Hi, we’re Patrick and Zorya, founders of BREI Properties. A few years into our engineering careers, we bought our first rental property, and since then have built a portfolio of just under $10M assets under management.  We focus on buying multi-unit properties for cash flow and long-term generational wealth.

Now we help others like you do the same, whether you want to be more actively involved or completely passive! 

Patrick Belanger

Patrick Belanger

Zorya Belanger

Zorya Belanger

Our Why

Before our son was born, we were motivated to invest so we could retire earlier than age 65 from our jobs. After he was born, we became very passionate about changing our lives now so that we could have more control over our time and spend more time together. Three years later, our daughter joined us. Our children have been the best thing to happen to us; they are our “why” that keeps us driven to succeed.

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Patrick & Zorya Belanger

Patrick & Zorya Belanger

Real Estate Investors, Professional Engineers, World Travelers, and Parents

Contact us is at info@brei.ca or through one of the social media links below.

We specialize in residential and multi-family buildings in Alberta, Canada.


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